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Full control. Instant deployment. Delightfully scalable.

From $8.55/month instant deployment vps enterprise grade vps infrastructure
Quick Deployment

You're free to install and configure any software stack that you need to get your site online. Our support team are available 24 / 7 to lend a hand if you run into any problems.

Feature Packed

As standard we include features usually only found on premium hosting, such as regular daily backups and high performance disks powered by the latest enterprise grade server hardware.

Linux OS

All of our Linux distributions are thoroughly tested by our specialist engineering team. Whichever distribution you choose, you're guaranteed a lightening fast VPS.

Why WizzVPS?

WizzVPS provides affordable VPS hosting full of features you'd expect to find only on premium services.

We offer servers powered by enterprise grade hardware in multiple locations around the world including the UK, Chicago and Singapore - all with instant deployment and transparent upgrades. You can scale your VPS up or down at any time without the need to reboot.

Start configuring your VPS now and have your application up and running in minutes!

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